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Tastebud Time Travel: Tiny's Diner

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

breakfast food

Within the past year, Jon and I have moved out near Spider Lake. We love our new home, and the wonderful nature that surrounds us! However, where there is abundance in wildlife, there is often a lack in quality restaurants. However, we have discovered Tiny’s Diner just down the road, and we may have found our new breakfast hub.

Tiny’s Diner is a quaint little diner right off of Hwy 77 about fifteen minutes out from Hayward. It’s got a simple, classic style with checkerboard and all. Jon and I instantly felt at home. The only thing that might be a little quirky is that there were rubber ducks everywhere: on the sign out from, on the tables, from the ceiling, everywhere. The curiosity is still eating away at me as to the story behind this, but I didn’t have the courage to ask. Yet. Why the ducks?!

I digress. The menu we got was small, but reading the items, I could tell the flavor would be big. Granola pancakes made with granola from Nuthouse Breads, 3 styles of eggs benedict, a breakfast burrito, and various other egg dishes made with locally laid eggs. The menu even comically notes that the chickens were raised on a free range farm “where all the chickens are named LOLA and they eat from nature’s salad bar”. Mhmm. Mhmm. Mhmmmmmm.

Jon got the “Benny Classic”, and I got “Loving the Veg”, an omelet with a lavishness of tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and cheddar cheese. They were both absolutely delicious. And the portions were huge! Like belly expanding helpings. Both came with hashbrowns, and they were some of the best I have had. Golden and crispy potato shreds? Yes please.

Additionally, the staff was super friendly, attentive, and conversational. For a little bit, we were the only ones in the place, and the owner, Tiny, sat nearby and we chatted for a bit. Tiny is so kind, thoughtful, and funny! He has done a great job with this new place! Tiny’s diner is a middle of nowhere, north woods gem! Jon and I both look forward to endless cups of coffee, full bellies, and full hearts during many future breakfast dates at Tiny’s Diner. And I also look forward to solving the mystery of the rubber ducks….

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