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For the Foodies: Betty's Pies

Everywhere you go to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee touts themselves as being world famous or the best in the state, but rarely do those eye-catchers deliver. Most businesses use these words as a marketing means. (Hey, it worked on Buddy the Elf with the “world’s best cup of coffee.”) But when Betty’s Pies claims that they are world famous, they mean it. With around 700 pies being made daily and shipped nationwide, Betty’s Pies in Two Harbors, MN is a must stop for anyone driving along the North Shore of Minnesota.

Claire and I recently celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary as of October 15th. Planning the first wedding anniversary adventure was in my hands. (Gulp.) Now my passport doesn’t have any stamps on it from being to foreign countries and I’m hoping to change that soon, but after taking a delayed honeymoon in July to Hawaii; a wedding anniversary abroad wasn’t in the cards. I had heard about the beauty of the Lutsen Mountains in autumn from several friends and decided that’s where we would go for a weekend getaway.

Not sure if we were going up to see The Grinch on top of Mt. Krumpit, but we were all smiles.

Driving along the North Shore has become one of our favorite things to do as a couple. Claire is typically the DJ with my CD case filled with old CDs ranging from Frank Sinatra to All Time Low. (We’re old school like that, okay?) We’ve made several trips to Duluth lately due to home improvement projects, but even when we first started dating one of our first road trips together was to Silver Bay. We’ve driven past Betty’s Pies several times along our North Shore adventures and it always seems packed so we always say “next time.” We won’t say that anymore.

The breakfast of champions. (not featured: the three follow up cups of coffee I had.)

Betty’s delivers mouth watering pies along with signature breakfast items such as eggs, crunchy bacon, crispy hash browns, toast, savory sandwiches, and many other necessities along with coffee. Order what you will off of their typical menu, but don’t forget to save room for pie. (I mean, technically there’s always room for pie, but you know what I’m getting at.) I went with their breakfast sandwich that included ham, scrambled eggs and cheese with a side order of hash browns. Claire ended up ordering Betty's skillet with two over-medium eggs on top along with toast and a delicious strawberry jam.

We were "that" couple taking pictures of our food that morning.

The decor inside makes you feel like you traveled back in time to a blue checkered diner that your grandparents would take you to after church. It’s every bit of nostalgia that you’d want along with modern touches like a few flat screen TVs on the walls. It’s a fairly spacious restaurant that has countertop seating as well as booths and tables mixed in throughout. If you don’t have the time to sit down or just want to pick up a pie, they do offer a take-out option as well. If you’re reading this and not anywhere close to the North Shore of Minnesota, you can always have one of Betty’s Pies shipped right to you after taking a look at their online pie menu.

The caramel apple pie was a thing of beauty.

Speaking of pies, Claire ended up ordering the Great Lakes Crunch Pie, which is a multi-fruit pie consisting of five different fruits (apple, blueberry, rhubarb, strawberry, and raspberry)

signifying the five Great Lakes. She got hers topped off with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. For those of you that like to speak in fancier terms, I’m being told this is called “a la mode.” I ended up ordering something about as classic in America as the game of baseball; apple pie. I didn’t get mine “a la mode” but rather with two scoops of whipped cream instead. I’m not sure what the fancy term for this is, but it tasted good so that’s all that matters to me.

The service was great and on this particular Sunday we were seated right away. I would recommend getting there almost right as the doors open to alleviate any stresses about having to wait in line. This is a great spot for couples, families, or if you’re flying solo and want a spot to enjoy a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whatever meal you find yourself there for, remember there’s always room for pie.

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