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"What's Tappening"


I'm Ian Finch, and along with my wife Ashley, we are the owners of The Whistle Punk Craft Beer and Coffee Bar in Stone Lake. My official (self-appointed) title is "Chief Beer Advisor" but I also specialize in small talk, particularly if the topic is a little off the beaten path. I'm very proud to help contribute to The Norther Nerd and shine some light on the great things happening in our area. The little bit of beer writing that I get to these days comes in the form of documenting our ever-rotating selection of craft beer on tap. I hope to keep providing fresh content in the future and exercise my creativity by spreading the gospel of good beer. Without further ado, here is what's tappening in Stone Lake: 

**Note: Our tap selection varies by the week, so if you read about something you like, don't dally, it likely won't last long. Rest assured however that it will be replaced by something equally tantalizing**

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