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Our goal is to create a platform where stories are shared, art is composed, and community in the northwoods is experienced. We get our joy from seeing those around us pursue their passions. We geek out for these people as they make music, paint pictures, write articles, share their stories with us with wide eyes, and everything else they contribute to this world. We believe in everybody, always. 

“You’ll be able to spot people who are becoming love because they want to build kingdoms, not castles. They fill their lives with people who don’t look like them or act like them or even believe the same things as them. They treat them with love and respect and are more eager to learn from them than presume they have something to teach.” - Bob Goff, author of Everybody, Always


Say, "Hello," to our team of writers and contributors. For everyone's sake, we decided not to use our high school yearbook photos. Meet our team! 

Meet The Team



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Hayward has always been his home.


Dalton's hometown means a great deal to him as well as the people in it. He would love nothing more than for people to see the beauty of the northwoods and find community within it. He enjoys lazy Sundays, walks through town and listening to his vinyl records.



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Staff Writer

Ian is our craft beer wizard. (We legitimately think he went to Hogwarts for this.) His knowledge and expertise flows right into your glass and you'll be glad you listened to his Brews column. Stop by and see him and the gang down at The Whistle Punk in Stone Lake, WI.  



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Staff Writer

Johan C. Wyckoff is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. As an avid fan of comics, monsters, tabletop and video games, Johan has found love in nerd and pop culture, though it doesn’t hold a candle with loving coffee and cooking food for friends. You'll find Johan's writings on our All Thumbsticks page. 

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