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For the Foodies: Louie's Bar & Bites

It’s no secret that the state of Wisconsin is home to thousands of bars. Of these bars, some are high class with valet parking and drinks that James Bond would sip on. Others are covered in taxidermy (both well done and terrible) and pride themselves in being that dive bar. Regardless, people love to have a place where they can come together for a big game or to swap stories from the past. Since its inception back in 2021, Louie’s Bar and Bites has become a hometown favorite in the Hayward area.

I’ll be honest, Claire and I have frequented Louie’s already quite a bit since it opened in November of 2021. We actually almost bought a house nearby before Louie’s was there. (Boy, would that have been dangerous.) We have our usuals established as well. I’ll typically order their California burger with a root beer and Claire will order The Wade. The food comes out rather quickly and the portions are friendly. Whether you’ve been on the boat all day and need something to soak up your “two or three” brews or need something to warm you up in the winter; Louie’s is a great place to stop.

Louie’s gives off a strong sports bar vibe with a great influence coming from the Minnesota Wild hockey team. I think this fact alone sets them apart from many other sports bars because one will typically see either Packers or Vikings stuff all over the walls of many places. It’s nice to have a little change of pace from the typical border battle decor. They also have a goal post (yes, you read that right) behind their bar. Ask either Louie himself or one of the bartenders about it if you want an interesting story.

Louie, owner of Louie's Bar & Bites

For seating they have high top tables, regular tables at floor level and seating up at the bar. They also have some arcade games in the back for the kids and the kids at heart with a few gambling machines mixed in the bunch as well. While Louie’s isn’t an overly spacious bar, I think it provides a friendly atmosphere because of that. There’s not this large disconnect between everyone because you might hear someone at the table next to you telling a good story from out on the water.

Another thing that we like about Louie’s is that it’s close to downtown Hayward without the congestion. You can stop by for a drink or a bite to eat and not find yourself 20 minutes out of town. Its proximity to town and friendly atmosphere were a big plus for us.

Overall, we love stopping here to eat whether it’s a Sunday afternoon after church or on a Friday night and we are looking for a meet up spot with friends. With good food, beer, plenty of TVs and a great staff; we love spending time at Louie’s. We’ll see you there.

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1 Comment

Jun 23, 2022

Great write up, Dalton! Louie's is one of our favorite places to go! "Age friendly"....always a lot of different age groups there! Louie always makes people feel welcome! And the food and service is great!

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