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The River Deck Restaurant

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The River Deck in Hayward, WI

About a week or so ago (or has it been two already?!), some friends and I met up for dinner at The River Deck Restaurant right in Hayward at the Lumberjack Village on Hwy B. We had such a blast! Friends tend to have fun wherever they are, but this restaurant made going out such a treat!

For starters, the restaurant is right next to Lake Hayward so you can dine on the lakeside deck and feel miles away from town even though you are right in it. The deck is filled with trees and hanging lights so that it is it’s own little getaway. All of the tables and chairs are fashioned in a rustic wood that compliments the deck and makes you feel like you are right at a (really cute and nice) cabin. Surrounding all sides of The River Deck is the Lumberjack Village where the Lumberjack World Championships are held in July, so you are welcomed into the history of Hayward and you take your seat.

The staff here is also top notch. There were ten of us, and with reservations, they made sure to set us up nicely, and never made us feel like we were a hassle or inconvenience to them. They were friendly and funny, and even adjusted and gave us something that’s not a specific side dish on the menu (their Brussels sprouts rock!). They made sure everyone was having a good time and enjoying herself, and offered to take our picture in the end. They were the best!

River Deck menu

The River Deck’s food is exquisite and unlike other restaurants in the area. Their menu includes delicacies such as yellow fin tuna tacos, baked Brie, crab cake, and scallops, along with amazing salads, sandwiches, and other meat entrees. They always use fresh ingredients so you know you are eating tasty food you can feel good about. This time here I got the fig salad. Figs in the north woods! How fancy. But truly, the salad is fantastic. It is a combination of spring mix, blue cheese crumbles, sliced pears, toasted walnuts, dried figs, and a lemon vinaigrette. I also add their grilled chicken to mine for some added protein and it is oh so tasty. The chicken is seasoned and grilled to perfection, never tasting dried out or blah like some salad chicken can taste. It’s around lunchtime that I’m typing this and my salivary glands are in overdrive just thinking about that salad.

Most of us had salads, and I also heard raves about the basil Caesar salad, and the Santa Fe chicken salad. If you are a fellow salad lover, this may be your stop during the summer (they are seasonal, unfortunately), though salad lovers and haters alike will find something delicious and satisfying.

One last thing that I almost forgot! They also have a campfire going just outside the restaurant with benches all around for groups to hang out and continue to enjoy one other’s company following a tasty dinner. It’s the perfect way to end an evening with friends.

I definitely give this place a 5 out of 5. Everything about this place is welcoming, friendly, and embodies Hayward in the summertime. Plus, the food is some of the best! I believe that meals are meant to be shared and enjoyed in community, and I would definitely take a group of friends here again for a night of salads and smiles.

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