The Five People In Every Group Of Friends

Which friend are you?

Don’t get me wrong, every group of friends are unique in their own little ways. Some groups of friends go out to dinner at the same place every week, some have movie nights and some will play cards. Although all these groups of friends may be different, one thing remains true; there are always going to be these five people in every group of friends.

1.) The “I’ll Be There In Five Minutes” Friend.

This friend is always late to group gatherings. This is the person that you are constantly waiting for when you make dinner plans, are waiting to get a ride from, can’t start the movie without, etc. You could have told them months in advance where and what time you’d be meeting and they would still be late. It ultimately has gotten to the point where you tell them to be at a certain place 30 minutes before you are actually going to get there because you know they’ll be late.

2.) The “I’m Hungry” Friend.

This friend is always munching on something. You never see them without some sort of food. You could have just eaten a couple of hours ago and they’ll want to go out again, or even worse, they raid your fridge and eat all of your food. If they don’t get their food, they ruin the whole moral of the group. You do not want this person to be hungry.

3.) The “Did They Really Just Say That?” Friend.

This friend is the type of friend that will make you cover your face in embarrassment at times. They have absolutely no filter whatsoever. It makes for an entertaining time most of the time, but you get them in the wrong crowd and things could get ugly fast. They’ve probably have gotten you into trouble a few times, but you love them anyway.