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All Natural in the Northwoods

River and Rain Apothecary is the latest business to be added to Hayward, Wisconsin’s historic downtown. Located on Third Street next to Hayward Land Title towards Shue’s Pond, River and Rain Apothecary is a wellness boutique that prides itself in its all natural products. I sat down with owner, Jennifer Petit, to discuss the shop and what it means to her to have her own business.

“River and Rain is a place where you can find a lot of products to help you on your journey to feeling like your best self,” said Petit. Amongst the many items she has in her store, one would be able to find herbs, herbal powders, herbal latte mixes, all natural remedies and beauty products, books on wellness, t-shirts, essential oils, and earthy-based home decor. I took some time to peruse the shelves and also enjoyed the art on the walls. Upon entering the store, the large painting on the wall (which Jennifer painted herself) was one of the first things I noticed. The shop was also filled with yellows, greens and earth tones.

“I’ve had this pipe dream in my head to open up this store for about three years,” said Petit. “I’ve just always been very into nature and the outdoors.” When asked about the outdoor activities she enjoys doing, Petit added, “I like kayaking, hiking, meditation and I’ve just always wanted to open up a more earthy-based shop.”

Opening up your own store in a small town can be an intimidating endeavor, so I wanted to get Petit’s opinion on what it was like on the opening day of her shop. “It was pretty amazing and exciting. I left a career in outpatient counseling to pursue this. I was worried I would have a few regrets or something along those lines, but I didn’t and I still don’t.” I was happy to hear that she didn’t have any regrets and complimented her on her courage to pursue this dream that she’s had for some time now. “I’m really happy I went for it,” Petit added. She admitted it was a little scary at first, but felt her shop was something the area needed.

With more and more shopping being done online these days, Petit said that she missed physically shopping. While she does have plans in the works to open up her own online store, “people come into the store and love the smells and to look around,” said Petit. “It adds to the whole experience.” Physically shopping for items may not be as convenient at times, but it beats the alternative of ordering something that doesn’t live up to expectations. I know that I wouldn’t want to buy a candle or a bar of soap without smelling it first. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

While conducting this interview, Petit also showed me the halotherapy booth she has in the shop. “Halotherapy is dry salt therapy and is good for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, but is also good for allergies.” I hopped into the booth for a quick ten minute session and felt fairly calm in it. The dry salt therapy mixed with the peace and quiet I felt after a day of teaching was very much a “treat yo self” kind of feeling. “It clears mucus, congestion, opens the air waves and is said to help with endurance too,” said Petit. “I’ve actually had some hockey moms bring their boys in on the day of their game as well.” The halotherapy was something I had never seen before, so I was very intrigued by the benefits that it had to offer.

The word “self care” is often thrown around in the corporate world and is pumped into emails around the holidays. I’d even say that it’s tough for many individuals to take the time for self care and finding their own definition of what that is for them. Petit said, “I think there is so much more to healing than talk therapy and skill building. I think it has a lot to do with how you live your lifestyle and take care of yourself because that’s really what this place (River and Rain) is about for me.”

If you’d like to schedule a halotherapy session, you can contact River and Rain Apothecary at 715-558-4712 or message Jennifer through Facebook or Instagram, but your safest bet is just to call.

Store Hours:

Tuesday - 9am - 5pm

Wednesday - 9am - 5pm

Thursday - 9am - 5pm

Friday - 9am - 5pm

Saturday - 9am - 5pm

- Dalton Hessel

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