Not Your Average Supper Club: The Ranch

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The Ranch Supper Club

Wisconsin is often associated with Friday night fish fries, beer and cheese. “America’s Dairyland” is so much more than what these common stereotypes portray. There are plenty of restaurants scattered throughout Wisconsin where people gather to pound Spotted Cows and munch down on some crunchy fries. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all have our spots, but there’s a gem located in Hayward, WI called The Ranch Supper Club that sticks to it’s northern Wisconsin roots while taking you seamlessly back in time as you walk through the front door. I got a chance to sit down for a cup of coffee with owner and chef, Nathan Bochler, to discuss what makes The Ranch unique and to hear his story.

Nathan and his wife, Haley (a certified sommelier), will have owned The Ranch Supper Club for two years this coming fall. He and his wife have recently moved back into the area after living in San Diego for nearly fifteen years. Don’t confuse him with being a “city slicker” though. Nathan grew up in the Park Falls, WI area as a kid. It was during this time that Nathan began working for his parent’s restaurant as a dishwasher around the age of ten. He didn’t always desire to be a chef/owner of a restaurant when he was young.

The Ranch owner and chef, Nathan Bochler

“I was just like any other kid,” Bochler said. “I wanted to be an actor or musician or something along those lines.” His passion for cooking was, as he liked to put it, “a slow romance. It wasn’t an instant thing.”  

After growing up and graduating from Park Falls, Nathan moved down to Madison to attend school when he was eighteen. It was there that he began working at different restaurants and the most notable one being, Delaney’s.

“Jim Delaney took me under his wing during my time in working for him,” Bochler said. “He gave me an opportunity to display my abilities and creativity.” Bochler then showed me a picture from