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Game Over, Man!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Game Over, Man! on Netflix

Streaming on Netflix (Netflix original film)

Starring: Adam Devine, Anders Holm, & Blake Anderson (all also star in Workaholics)

If you are familiar with the three actors starring in this film you probably have a general idea of the style of comedy this film is. They have a certain type of goofy connection with each other which makes for super funny dialogue. These guys have been good friends and co-stars on the Comedy Central show Workaholics for nearly a decade. Each episode (and this film) centers around three friends/co-workers, their witty banter, arguments, immature jokes, and crazy scenarios. Fair warning: this film has adult language, drug use, nudity, and graphic violence...but if you like this kind of slapstick immature humor, you’re going to find this movie VERY entertaining.

This film was described as the actors’/comedians’ homage to the classic movie Die Hard. Honestly, that is a perfect way to describe this hilarious, thrilling, and sometimes disturbing comedy. With a nice big film budget from Netflix and free reign with their script writing, these guys let their comedy and action creativity flow wildly with this project.

Here’s a quick rundown of the plot. Three friends work as housekeepers in a Los Angeles hotel, but also have big dreams of becoming billionaires with their idea for the next big thing in virtual reality gaming. While basically doing the bare minimum at their job, a party is taking place at the hotel in honor of a fictional rich Instagram celebrity. The party also features countless REAL celebrities (including Shaggy and Steve-O). Their plan to pitch their big video game idea is interrupted when gunmen take the party hostage (much like Die Hard).

If you can’t decide between an action movie or a comedy tonight, just watch this one. You won’t be disappointed.

Report Card: 9/10: With no new Workaholics episodes coming out it’s great to see these guys putting their comedy ideas together again for this movie. It was way more graphic than I expected in a shockingly funny way. You may laugh a lot and then think to yourself “Oh no, that’s terrible. I shouldn’t be laughing at that”...but you totally SHOULD be laughing. It’s fictional and it’s funny. Enjoy!

- James Michael

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