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A Must See In Theaters - Top Gun: Maverick

Many movie lovers have a list of movies that they wish they could have experienced in the theater. Topping my list is Jurassic Park, The Mummy (1999), and Top Gun. For myself and many other fans of the original action flick, Top Gun: Maverick is the chance to go back in time and do just that. To feel the opening notes of Kenny Loggins' “Danger Zone” thrum through the theater. The seats vibrating with the noise of the fighter jets taking off. The experience of seeing a new classic unfold in front of your eyes. Big action deserves a big screen and this highly-anticipated sequel is no exception.

Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, and Jennifer Connelly, Top Gun: Maverick picks up a few decades after the original. While the technology and the planes have changed, the nonstop action has not. The story follows Maverick and the latest and greatest to graduate from Top Gun on an impossible mission. (We all see the Tom Cruise joke there and I’ll do my best to ignore that perfect opportunity).

The movie balances nostalgia and fresh plot points with a mix of characters new and old on the screen. Miles Teller does an outstanding job playing Goose’s grown son and Jennifer Connolly’s character is a delightful callback to a character only mentioned in the original film. The soundtrack is also a mix of classic Top Gun songs and some newer tracks, including the infamous “Danger Zone” and Lady Gaga’s track, “Hold My Hand.”

Between the lighthearted beach scenes featuring even more sweat than the first film (who knew that was possible?) and the flight sequences that the actors actually experienced, this is a movie designed to be watched with a crowd to laugh, cry, and cheer with. I even went to the theater to see the film a second time!

Full of heart, incredible action, and a brand new rendition of “Great Balls of Fire,” Top Gun: Maverick is a must see this summer.

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Such a good movie!! I definitely got teary eyed.

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