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American Horror Story Review

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

American Horror Story

It’s finally spooky season! Fall is here and I for one am happy about it. I can start wearing jeans and a flannel again, one of my favorite foods is soup, and I love scary movies/shows. If you enjoy scary, spooky stuff too and haven’t checked this show out, it’s probably time to crawl out from under that rock where you’ve been living, Patrick Star!

American Horror Story first aired in October of 2011 and is currently on its 8th season. I know what you’re thinking…”WHAT!?! I need to watch 7 season to catch up and know what’s going on!?!” Actually NO, you do not! Here’s the great thing about this show, every season is a different story! Each season uses most of the same actors but the characters and plot are different. If you want to start on season 3, go right ahead! I for one have watched every season except for season 5, but I’ll get to that one eventually. Currently I’ve been watching season 7 which is titled “Cult” and so far I really like it.

Season one was about a family moving into a house that contains numerous spirits. Some of the other plots include a coven of young witches, a carnival freak show, and a spooky hotel (that one stars Lady Gaga). I’m three episodes into the seventh season and it touches on the scariness of our current political climate and issues in this great country of ours. Also, there has been scary clowns, an annoying character with multiple phobias, and muuuurrrrderrrrrr! There have been times in each season where I get pretty gosh darn scared and end up needing to stay up and watch an animated movie to calm myself down. I LOVE being scared!

So far, season one is my favorite and season three is my least favorite. You should binge all of them and then we can discuss what ones are your favorite! Happy spooky season everybody!

Report Card: 7.5/10

The acting is usually top notch and theme song playing during the intros to each season always freaks me out. Fair warning: some of the seasons are not very good and bank on shocking imagery and lots of sexual stuff. There are some genuinely scary moments and they do a great job creating unique characters. Some seasons deserve a better score but in average I would say this show is above average.

Streaming now on Netflix.


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