What's Tappening?

Do you like craft beer, but don't know what's on the rise and what you should probably stay away from? Follow along in our "Brews" section to stay up to date on all things craft beer.  

After the Credits with James

Summer is here.  It's safe to say many late night movie nights are in your future. What if you can't decide what movie to watch amongst your friends or if you're having a solo movie night and want a recommendation? Don't worry. James has got you covered.   

For the Foodies

What restaurant should you check out next? Follow our "For the Foodies" column to get the scoop on all things food in the northern Wisconsin area. 

All Thumbsticks

If you're anything like us, you have trouble making decisions when it comes down to which game you should play. Save yourself long hours of playing a game, just to find out that it sucks. Read "All Thumbsticks" to stay up to date on all of the latest gaming news and reviews. 


The Northern Nerd sits down with different guests to talk about life in the north woods, pop culture, travel and everything in between. Unlike conversations on the porch, you'll never hear the same story twice. 


Song of the Week

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