Why Traveling Solo Isn't So Bad

How to make the most of a trip even when it rains in California.

They say the hardest part about traveling is all of the planning that goes into it. You have to take the time to compare flights to find out which one is the cheapest, but also while factoring in the quality of the flight. You might be able to find a cheap flight, but then again, you might be crammed in tight with somebody that you’d rather not be mistaken for going out with.

After booking your flight, you have to decide where you want to stay. Will you go the traditional route of staying at a hotel or will you go the modern route of booking an Airbnb? The traditional route is your safest option, but may cost you some more money in the long run. Hotels in cities can add up quickly and all of the free soap that you steal isn’t going to always make the booking worth it. The Airbnb route is your cheapest option in most cases, but just make sure you read reviews on your host before you book. The last thing you want to do is wind up at some creep’s house that has pictures of Jonathan Taylor Thomas scattered on their walls and listens to Marilyn Manson at full volume.

Finally, after booking your flight and figuring out where it is you’re going to stay; you have to plan what it is you’ll be doing while you’re on vacation. With some many options at your fingertips with smartphones and apps—this task can feel overwhelming. You want to make the most of your vacation, but you also don’t want to be more stressed out than a 1st Grade teacher on the week leading up to Christmas vacation.

Just commit to something. Stop analyzing, reanalyzing, and overanalyzing. You’ll never book the trip if you overthink it all. Commit to a destination, find a flight and go from there. That’s what I did when traveling to California and it took me on the adventure of a lifetime.

I didn’t get any sleep the night before my flight to San Diego. I never do when it comes to trips. I felt like the last kid to fall asleep at the slumber party as I lay on the air mattress in the living room at Matt and Hannah’s apartment. Will I make my flight on time? What if my flight gets delayed? What if my plane crashes? These were the types of thoughts that were running through my mind as I stared up at the ceiling. What was I getting myself into?

Growing up, my family went on a few family vacations throughout the years. They weren’t as wild and crazy as the Griswold’s, but they were special in their own right. We traveled out to Colorado Springs one year to visit my step-mom’s family and to see Pikes Peak. We ventured down to Disney World in Orlando with my mom to see the house that Walt built. We visited Mount Rushmore before Nicholas Cage was there to find the treasure that was rightfully ours. We even took a trip through Canada to see Niagara Falls and then we came back through the United States. Those are trips that I will always remember and will take with me.

Yeah, we were a weird bunch. (Also, my shoes aren't my feet so there's that.)