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Game Review: Say No! More

There is an interesting trend with games that skewers millennial office culture. Indie darlings such as Going Under, Have A Nice Death, and even Jackbox Games are looking at the office and using it as background for unhinged moments with your coworkers after hours. But, what about the during? What do you play when you’re getting some work done a la Office Space?

Say No! More, developed by Studio Fizbin, is a very fun, albeit short, game about the beauty of saying no and finding satisfaction in watching your needling coworkers or your overdependent boss thrown through walls or off buildings in your quest to get your lunchbox and make your way up the corporate ladder healthily.

Gameplay is based on keyboard or controller; however, you only need to use one button to say No! As the game goes on, you get different ways to say, "no" as you progress through the game. Add a little drama with a clap, laugh in your co-worker’s face before you shut them down, let yourself think before you say no, or even pronounce your "no" with a flourish!

The plot here is that you are an intern, trying to make your way through a corporate nightmare of "yes people" working and living while the bosses of the floor take advantage of their drones. After your first boss takes away your lunchbox, you find a tape player with a motivational tape that lets you know, it’s okay to say, "no!" With this, you blast through the office to find the lunchbox your roommate made for you. There will be higher bosses heading your way, but with your determination, anything is possible!

The flaw for this game is that it’s very short, but it’s also a good thing! I do like how it’s a short game with an underlying achievement list to it, which is what I want out of a charming game such as this. From the graphics, the customization options included for your character adds more charm and playability.

At the end of the day, it takes a lot to say no to people. In fact, the moral of this story is to say no more, but don’t end up a monster that screams no at every opportunity. In some cases, it behooves you to listen to your coworkers instead of screaming no when they ask you to listen to their problems. You don’t have to be a pushover, but you have your morals. It hilariously touches on workplace culture and lifestyles, The game itself takes an hour of your time, which is the perfect game to take a long lunch break on your computer or cool down after having a long shift.

Say No! More is on Steam and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 and rated E +10

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