The Five People At Every Job

You thought you could escape them? Never.

Don't get me wrong, work life can be great. I have met some of my closest friends through work, but there are also those people that you dread working with. These people aren't necessarily terrible employees, but there's just something about them that's, well, "different."

The Newbie Who Is Clueless.

It seems like you are always training someone in. They have no idea what is going on half the time even after you have explained things to them countless times. If you didn't have a step-by-step chart on the cabinets explaining how to make coffee then this person would be completely lost. You are sure they mean well, but often times you wonder how this person was the one who was hired.

Lazy Larry/Susan.

If the building was on fire, you wonder if they would even bother getting up out of their chair. This person moans and groans about the slightest tasks and never gets their work done on time. They give you the classic line of, "I'll get it done by Monday," but you know all too well that you aren't getting that document until Wednesday.

The Ancient One.

Every day that they continue to breathe and make it in to work is a miracle. You wonder why they haven't retired yet and moved to Florida. This person normally cracks a few good jokes every now and then, but God help you if you get stuck alone in the break room with them and have to hear the same story five times. Although you may give this person a lot of flack for being so old, they are the wise wizards of the workplace and you go to them for advice because they have basically seen it all.