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A Foodie Adventure to Pine Brook Farm

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Pine Brook Farm in Spooner, WI

If you are looking for a destination restaurant, Pine Brook Farms might be the ticket! Located 8 miles from downtown Spooner, it’s nestled in the middle of nowhere in some of the farmland of the north woods. About two years ago, husband and wife team Jason and Michele Martell converted a 65-year-old farmhouse into a charming restaurant located on 85 acres of picturesque farmland.

Jon and I turned onto the dirt road that leads to the restaurant and it was as if we were turning onto a rustic fairytale (cue twinkly lights and mason jars). The restaurant maintains the farmhouse look so that it feels like you are driving up to a friend’s house. I think more restaurants should feel like this.

In addition to the restaurant itself, there is also a giant barn that has potential to be used for a “Pinterest wedding”, a gazebo with outdoor seating, and “The Woodtick Lounge”, an outdoor bar that appears to be converted from a chicken coop. It was such a lovely summer evening that we snagged a table outside on the beautiful wrap around porch of the restaurant. We happened to be meeting family there on a Saturday night, which is when there is live music outside, so we naturally wanted to stay where the party was. However, if you aren’t there on the perfect evening, the inside is beautifully decorated and hangs onto the memory of being a farmhouse. The walls burst with history and the floors creak out stories of life on a farm.

As we gathered with family, our own stories creaked out and we comfortably rested and awaited our food. One must remember that this is a dining experience, not fast food, so go with people that you can relax and enjoy conversation with and take it easy. Reservations are also highly recommended.

Pine Brook features home cooked food, locally raised grass-fed beef and bison, and pasture raised pork. There’s a wide array of unique burgers, salads, pasta dishes, flatbread pizzas, and more, so that there’s a little something for everyone and every dietary need. Each person in our family got something different, and everyone’s taste buds were absolutely satisfied. Jon had a steak, or at least I’m pretty sure he did; he devoured it so fast that whatever it was must’ve been ok…

I tried something unique to Pine Brook in this area: the “manga” burger. It’s made from Mangalitsa pork that is known for it’s creamy, flavorful fat, high Omega 3, mono-unsaturated fat and antioxidant content. The highly marbled red meat of this patty stood alone and needed no seasoning or condiments, though Pine Brook’s signature dressing was a mouthwatering addition. It was so yummy that I’m craving it again just typing this. We also had side salads that were fresh, flavorful, and a great compliment to our meat dishes. Their house made dressings are unique and oh so tasty. Someone in the group had their ahi tuna salad that looked so good I might try that next time.

Overall, Jon and I loved our dining adventure. The atmosphere and food were a 5/5, while being a busy summer night; our waitress wasn’t handling the stress the best so I’ll give her a 4/5. It’s a special dinner destination kind of place, so we don’t go there often, but we love it every time we do. I can’t wait to go back to feel the history of the place and celebrate our own.

Alli Parr

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